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What's My Wrist Size?

Bicycle, Injection, and Ceramic Bracelets

There are two ways you can find out your wrist size:

By Using Another Bracelet: If you have a bracelet that fits you already, Set it down flat and measure the length in inches using a ruler from the clasp to the end of the bracelet.

By Measuring Your Wrist: Use a tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around your wrist.   Add .5 inches for comfort.

In any case, you can exchange your bracelet if the size is incorrect by mailing it or bringing it in to 666 N Kilkea Drive - Los Angeles CA 90048

'My bracelet arrived, and its too big/small...'

No worries...

IceLink's Bicycle Bracelets can be sized at any qualified jeweler, watch and jewelry kiosk at any mall, Registered IceLink Retailer, or simply by sending it in to us 666 N Kilkea Drive - Los Angeles, CA 90048.  If you need to add a link, you can purchase extra links on our website.

IceLink Watch Bands in Stainless Steel can be sized at any qualifed jeweler, watch and jewelry kiosk, Registered IceLink Retailer, or simply by sending it to us 666 N Kilkea Drive - Los Angeles, CA 90048. If you need to add a link, you can purchase extra links on our website.

Yes, Babies/Kids are Part of the Link, Too!

Our bicycle bracelets are for babies/kids too.  Here's a guide to baby/kid sizes.




Newborn - 6 mos.


9 Links

6 - 24 Months


10 Links

1 - 5 Years

5 1/2"

11 Links

6 – 12 Years


12 Links


What's My Ring Size?

Taking your own ring measurement. The best way to determine ring size is to get a measurement from a qualified jeweler. Otherwise, you can use the method and chart below:

  1. Wrap a piece of string or strip of paper (no wider than ¼” thick) snugly around the base of the finger that you want to wear the ring. Make sure that it slips over the joints of the finger without too much difficulty.

Mark the string or the paper where it meets to form a complete circle around your finger.

Keep in Mind, IceLink 1-Row Ceramic Rings run a half to full size smaller than regular sizes. So if you regularly wear a size 7, you should definitely get a 7.5 for the right fit. Specifically, 2 row and 3-row rings run a full size smaller. If you want to get a 2 or 3 row ring, You will need to get a full size larger. If you're size is 7, in this case, you would get an 8 in this case.

How to Size and Change Watch Bands: